In which I complain a lot

Bleh. I don’t want to go to a center tomorrow. I don’t particularly like going to centers, especially since normally when I go to a center no one talks to me but the team lead. I hate that. Maybe I’ll be lucky and it’ll be very very very slow, so I can sit somewhere and read my Kindle.

Although the book I’m  reading on there now is terrible. It’s called Eternal Hunter by Cynthia Eden. I’d complain more about it, but at least it was free. It’s a supernatural romance novel, which are sometimes so bad they’re funny (mostly unintentional funny, which makes it better), but this one is just awful. I should stop reading it. Sentence. Fragments. Are. Annoying. And. They. Drive. Me. Crazy. The book is riddled with them. I realize that the plot is just there to get the characters to screw each other, but that doesn’t excuse the laziness of bad writing. I know I don’t have to read it, I’m just a masochist.

Well, it’s only my opinion.


About ladyinieda

Hi! I’m Erin. I’m a phlebotomist and a freelance writer. I’ve been writing off and on since I was six years old. Hopefully it’s improved since then. ^_^
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