Would I Survive No Internet for a Whole Month?

I wouldn’t be able to see my 314 (give or take a few) pretty, pretty ponies for a whole month?!

No! A day or two, yes, but not a whole month. I don’t watch TV, I stream the stuff I watch off hulu for TV shows, anime, movies and stuff, and crunchyroll for anime and netflix for movies. And I play games online, such as Ponystars. It’s like My Little Pony online, and I’m totally addicted to it, even though it’s very silly. In the picture is my starter pony Jomei. His name is Japanese, meaning “spread light”. He’s one of my favorites. ^_^

Technically, I don’t need the Internet to live and breathe. It’s not food and water and air. But without it, I’d almost never talk to my boyfriend. Or I’d be on the phone all the time, and my ears would be sore. And I wouldn’t have 314 pretty ponies to dress up and breed with other pretty ponies to make more pretty ponies. Even though they’re pixels I love them so. And yeah, I know I sound crazy right now. >_>

I don’t care. 😛

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About ladyinieda

Hi! I’m Erin. I’m a phlebotomist and a freelance writer. I’ve been writing off and on since I was six years old. Hopefully it’s improved since then. ^_^
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