You're hurting my brain. Stop it.

What makes me roll my eyes? Well, since you asked…

Donating blood!

Donors that complain about the finger stick I am required to do to ensure that their hematocrit is high enough for them to donate blood, and then get all dramatic and say, "I don't know how diabetics do this all the time!" *swoon!*

Let me tell you how diabetics do it all the time: you get used to it, just like anything else. I'd rather have calluses on my fingers from sticking them fifteen times a day to check my blood sugar than have to go on dialysis and/or need a kidney transplant, go blind, lose my feet, die from diabetic ketoacidosis, or any of the other horrible things that can happen to diabetics that don't control their blood sugars.

One tiny little finger stick is not going to kill you. Yeah, it might hurt for the rest of the day, but you are donating blood to save and enhance the lives of up to three people, which you can do every eight weeks, and is entirely voluntary. You can stop at any time. I have no sympathy for you, so shut up.


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About ladyinieda

Hi! I’m Erin. I’m a phlebotomist and a freelance writer. I’ve been writing off and on since I was six years old. Hopefully it’s improved since then. ^_^
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