The picture is from this website: here. It's a Halloween wallpaper.

Yes, I celebrate Halloween. It's one of my favorite holidays. Some of my best childhood memories are going from house to house trick or treating. My parents had to make me stop when I was thirteen. I went anyway, got caught, and got in a lot of trouble. But it was worth it. >_>

I like to at least wear kitty ears to work if I happen to be working on that day. One year I wore kitty ears, pajamas, and big tiger feet slippers. I was ready for a cat nap. ^_^

I also like some of the scary movies that come out in October. I'm a big wuss, but my boyfriend enjoys watching me watch them.

And I just got a new puppy that I will probably be dressing up in a costume, at least for a couple of pictures. His name is Nemo, and he's a Shiba Inu.

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About ladyinieda

Hi! I’m Erin. I’m a phlebotomist and a freelance writer. I’ve been writing off and on since I was six years old. Hopefully it’s improved since then. ^_^
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